Helen Baddon - Complimentary Therapist

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"I believe that as a therapist, I am a catalyst for the clients' own natural healing to begin and flourish. During a Warm Bamboo Massage treatment, an optimum state of deep relaxation is created for a richer sense of well-being and restoring your natural balance."

The Warmer Massage

Warm Bamboo Massage incorporates varying lengths of smooth bamboo sticks which are heated. Helen will then apply oil onto the body in the same way as other forms of massage. Warm Bamboo Massage is very similar to Swedish Full Body Massage with its long strokes, however with the bamboo working as an extension of Helen's hands it can enable much deeper work in stretching out the muscles as they are warmed.

Main areas of your body that Warm Bamboo really aids tension release in are the neck, shoulders, and TI band (Iliotibal Tract - outside of the thigh). It is particularly effective for athletes, those with physical professions or bodies with specific areas of tension as well as being a warming treat if you just want a bit of luxury. It is especially effective for:

*Chronic aches and pains
*Tight neck and shoulders
*Back pain